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Meet the Players
The Tabletop Champions are 6 awesome people, 5 players and a dungeon-master who play Dungeons and dragons 5th edition. Sean Stevens the DM heads the table on their hilarious and epic quests. Players Kyle, Ben MacDonald, Matt, Stephanie and Lauren . These fine individuals meet online on a weekly basis for the recording of the podcast.

World of Irulan
Terraformed by Game Master Sean (@seanthedm )

Map of World

City of Stebrook

City of Avisac

Character's Bios
The podcast currently consists of 3 Seasons.

Season 1 starts with four people: Paeris the High-Elf Cleric, Torrin the Dragonborn Fighter, Stark the Half-Elf Paladin, and Devin the Tiefling Sorcerer.

Season 2 starts with five people: Eutax, the Robot Butler/wizard, Annungilon the Wild-Elf Druid, Skrag the Half-Orc Barbarian Caldious the Human Warmage, D'nias the Teifling Bard.

Season 3 starts with five people: Colin, the Mousefolk Monk; Elyron, the Aasimar Mystic; Minos, the Half-Minotaur Samurai; Alenia, the Otter Rogue; and Ren, the Rabbitfolk Hunter.

The world of Irulan is populated by thousands of non-player individuals or NPC's, however some have met the players and have become integral to their tale of triumph.

Irulan The cover picture to all Irulan campaign episodes.

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