Order of the Raven Logo 2
The Order of the Raven is a political movement by the people for the people. They do not want decisions to be made by The Nine and believes that there needs to be a change in power. They chose to do this through usualy violent means such as murder.

Not all of the general populace supports the OtR, The Order often funds its activities "mafia protection" style.


"The people will rule again" graffiti in Episode 01

"We will retake" graffiti in Episode 02

"The power will fall" graffiti in Episode 02

"The Tower can't live forever" graffiti in Episode 02


Episode 01:Edit

Mentioned by guard

They have taken over the lower levels of Avisac

Left graffiti

Blocked off streets to create check points

Episode ended with initiative being rolled for battle

Episode 02:Edit

5 members died in battle with PC's

Torrin found tunnel used by OtR