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Nedylene is a Drow Rogue played by Scott in season 1.

Nedylene is a slender, 4'10" tall Drow elf with bluish black skin. She has chin length white hair, golden eyes and freckles on her chin and forehead. She has a triple reversed cross tattooed under her right eye and wears huge ruby earrings. When Nedylene isn't in armor, she usually wears expensive dresses and a black hood during daytime. Her armor is a full body, reddish black studded leather armor (similar to the Dark Brotherhood's armor). Nedylene speaks Common with a strong Undercommon accent (which is French in Irulan).

Nedylene seems to constantly make up lies both for strategically reasons and for fun. If somebody confronts her with the truth of a lie, she will just play ignorant, pretending not to what the person is talking about. Her usually reaction to danger is "hide and run". If she thinks the enemy can be beaten, she will try to stay hidden and attack from the shadows. Otherwise she runs away.

Nedylene joins the Chosen 5 shortly after Paeris dies. She initially presents herself Merethyl. Merethyl has pale red hair, reaching about mid-length on her bag, purple eyes and no freckles or tattoos. She wears a simple green dress, an apron and a matching bonnet. This disguise is good enough to fool Devin of her real identity. Merethyl is searching for Elizabeth and she seek out Stark, because the last person Elizabeth was in contact with was Stark and Merethyl suspect that he knows something about her disappearance. Even though Stark explains that he hasn't seen Elizabeth for a long time, Merethyl doesn't believe him and she keeps following after him. Eventually Nedylene ditches the disguise and pretends to never have heard of Merethyl.

Background Edit

Nedylene has connections to The Queen's Loins and she has known Devin long before she joined The Chosen 5.