Humanity has battled with evil throughout the ages. Fought tirelessly to protect itself from being consumed by the monstrous horrors that plagued the land, but as darkness grow the flame of hope grows dim. Who shall rekindle the fire, who shall save us.

Episode 1 Audio

Building Ladders and Chucking Chickens

Catch Phrase of the Episode: I can spend all day trying to catch a rat, or I can go pick up someone's chicken, throw it off, and that what I do - Torrin


Dungeon Master Extraordinaire Sean

The Chosen Five from ProphesyEdit

Paeris Mithalmyr      High-Elf           Cleric          Scott     (AKA Lord/Earl/Baron/Duke Paeris of New Weedale)

Devin Silverton          Tiefling            Sorcerer     Wade

Torrin Biri Donnar       Dragonborn     Fighter         Kyle

Stark                         Half-Elf          Paladin        Ben

Night-breeze (Former PC)

Review of the previous episode provided by (chosen by random die roll):Edit

Ben (rolls 18) reports:

After a battle (unidentified foes), the team climbs to top of a tower on the floating (In the air) island/city of Stebrook and find a glowing orb. The group discovers, when Devin touches the orb, it controls the movement of the city, and prevents its destruction, by pulling up at the last moment avoiding the surface of the lake.

Then, while distracted by 1000's and 1000's of imps and one large creature (no detail so no body count), the island/city nearly fell to its doom, and Devin drastically pulled up to hard and to fast, and our heroes lost consciousness due to altitude and lack of air.

Rewards for saving Stebrook:

Devin is appointed Head Master of “THE Mage College”

Paeris is made the Lord of Stebrook (population 5000)

Torrin is appointed Tavern mayor in his own tavern -Tchotchkes

Stark is assigned a bard to tell his story Bilquo (Halfling – well known – His songs/stories go viral quickly)

Episode 1 Action:Edit

The gang set course for Avisac “The City of Castles”

The adventurers receive a message that Avisac is under attack and the King has been mortally wounded.

No dead ravens in Tchotchkes for decorations........

Discussion ensues: Need for transportation from floating city to ground for general populace. Previously there were stairs or waterway, but now the island has moved, new conveyances are needed. Paeris suggests rope ladders. “Vice Principal” of “The Mage College” suggests teleportation stones.

As Avisac comes into view the crew notices damaged walls, plumes of smoke and a prismatic dome encircling the city. They throw a pebble and BawkBawk the pet chicken to test the dome. Both fall all the way to the ground.

Giant “dinosaur looking thing” and lots of little demons had attacked the City of Castles and were driven away by the mages before the Five(Four?) arrive. Order of the Raven uses this opportunity to incite rebellion after the monsters were driven back and marshal law has been imposed

Quote from Devin: Break their spirit, break their line, break their neck break their spine.

They discover Devin's master as been kidnapped, by men in the black robes (Cultist).

Episode ends with initiative being rolled for battle with Order of the Raven


Episode 1 Body Count

Final Strokes Edit

Torrin: Tosses BawkBawk the pet chicken off of Stebrook to test dome over Avisac.

Collateral damage:Edit


NPC's Introduced:Edit

Alvareis: Human High Priest in Avisac and contact of Paeris

Civil Servant Gnome of Stebrook

Old Mage (Old, bald red robed, large medallion) “Vice Principal” of “THE Mage College”

Travers: Human Stable Master

Dark Elf from Queens Loins (brothel)

Orc Mom from Queens Loins (brothel)

Order of the Raven rebels in Avisac

Choo the Goblin

Cultists reoccurring enemy


New Weedale was land given to the group as a reward and named by Paeris, is located just beyond Avisac

Jug of Never Ending Booze is a magic item owned by Torrin. Listen to Episode 00.

Devin born and raised in Queens Loins (brothel)

Avisac E1